Computer Repair West Palm Beach Fast On Site or Remote Service – Our onsite Rates Are $185 + hardware or software if needed.

We have been in business in palm beach county since 2013. Our Techs are trained and have many years experience.
If you computer requires a complete wipe due to serious data corruption from viruses or a failed hard drive, there will be additional costs for the drive and a new windows 10 installation. the normal cost for a failed drive if replaced with a 1TB sata drive and new windows 10 pro would be $355. We do not us pirated windows or other software. You will have your new system installed with a valid windows 10 pro key so you can do any updates etc.

  • Windows repair
  • Malware and virus removal
  • fix corrupted operating system
  • Wipe and reinstall windows for really bad infections or heavily corrupted operating system (May require us to take the machine back to our more advanced work center
  • Replace failing hard drives
  • Power supply Replacement
  • Wifi Setup in your home or office
  • And much More. Give us a call to  discuss your issue

We offer expert Remote Computer Cleanup using TeamViewer

Our techs are able to troubleshoot and cleanup most issues that are not hardware related by doing a remote session with you using TeamViewer software. if you computer is running slowly or you are have strange windows popup then most likely you have a virus or malware. Many times that can be handled by our Techs  however if the situation has gone on for too long, corrupted your hard drive or windows installation then an on site service may be required, If we attempt to do a remote computer repair session and it does not work, that charge will be applied to your onsite tech visit.

Our West Palm Beach Data Recovery Services

We are also are also very popular. if you have had a corrupt hard drive we should be able to recover most of your data. DO NOT FORMAT a drive if you are having issues. call us immediately. the more you try to fix your problem the more data you can lose. Leave data recovery to the experts. computer repair west palm beach is not all that we offer. we also do data recovery. This is something that normally takes hours to day, so for out computer repair west palm beach data recovery service. We will need you to drop off the hard drive or machine and expect a call within 48 hours.